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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions come up a lot. These are the ones we get most often.  It only takes a few seconds to E-Mail us though, and we are at our computers almost every day and we check our E-mail several times a day so if you have a question or two that is driving you batty just  CLICK HERE to E-Mail   us  right now and ask away. 

Q. Other companies charge up to ten times more for a web site than you charge. Why  ....  what is the difference?

A. Our web sites are built in a very small office in an inexpensive home in Vancouver, Washington.  We don't pay salespeople to sell our web sites and we do ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISING OR PROMOTION COSTS. We have almost NO overhead.  Best way to answer this question though is to judge for yourself.  Take a look at the web sites we have done and we think you will agree that we have one of the best bargains on the Internet. 

Q. How long does it take for USA10.COM to build a web site?

A. This depends on how many changes you request.  90% of our web sites are done in a week to 10 days.  

Q. I think I want a web site.  What do I do now?

A.  Call us or E-Mail us or send us some items in the US Mail.  You can send us items like a business card, copy of a yellow page ad, a brochure, photos, and or any notes . We require a 50% deposit to begin and the balance is due in 30 days or when the website is finished. If we cannot come up with something you like we will refund your deposit.  

Q. What additional costs are involved in having a web site?

A.  All the fees for all the services we offer are detailed in full on our "Services and Prices" page.  If you like you can  CLICK HERE NOW   to go there.

Q.  I live in a different state clear across the country.  Does this create any problems?

A. No, none at all.  We rarely meet our clients face to face and we deal with people from all around the country.  We can do everything by US Mail, E-Mail and or telephone.  We design your web site and actually post it on the Internet while we are designing it so you can see it as we work on it and make all the changes your heart desires.  You don't have any risk because you don't pay until the web site is COMPLETELY done.

Q.  Why should I pay you a lot of money to do a web site when I can do one myself and or I have a friend, child, or neighbor who knows all the stuff to do?

A.  This all depends on what you expect to get out of your web site.  We spend our lives on the computer and the Internet searching for new ways to do things better.  We can design cleaner smoother web sites that your customers and visitors will find more pleasing to look at an return to more often.  Customers from around the world will judge your business and services by the first impression they get from your web site.  It's not like changing oil or mowing the lawn.  It is important to have an expert design your web site when you really think of the possibilities out there and how much is really on the line.  Also a lot of people have tried to design their own web sites and spent more on the software than we charge to build the entire web site only to find out it wasn't nearly as "easy to do" as the box implied. 

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